The Lazarus Mission is intended for those lost, angry, confused, souls who desire a closer relationship to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ who lost their way.  As a reinvented Christian, my life was empty and unfulfilled until I completely opened my heart to Jesus.  I’ve read the bible in the past, but I never bothered to to “STUDY” the Word of GOD.  Ironically, as I struggled with my cross, I thought that GOD was angry with me at different stages of my life, and felt that the “more I worshiped HIM, the more I suffered.”  Well, as we know, I wasn’t suffering, the Lord was cleaning out the storehouse, delivering me from angst, greed, selfishness, debauchery, adultery, hate, fear, self-loathing and my tongue!  I did not know at the time, how to reach out to GOD, and pray for HIM to embrace my life; I did not know how to pray at all.  How do I ask for love, financial grace, and relationship mercies?  But that’s it, all I had to do was open my mouth!  There are no fancy words to utter, no grandiose works to put into place.  You just need the faith of a mustard seed, and the Lord will be there to comfort, heal, guide, teach and most important of all, deliver you! It did not cost me anything, except my time; time to spend with your healer, provider, and teacher.  I never had anyone to lean on, and give my issues to before, and this was all new to me.  Jesus is yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever!


Love your Daughter,


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